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Will 1600mhz ram work in 1333mhz slot

Instead of just feeding your online casino promotion xintiandi ignorance because you didn't read the above posts at all which tell you that it may not work, i'll just" this one again.
Only thing you can do is test.
Feel free to gamble online for real money for free deposit bonus read your first reply to the topic.See those Jedec [email protected] the last part of your": The Mac won't do it because their firmware is locked in place for the memory apple want to use.Paying for 1600MHz chips are just a waste of money.

You first said everything that isn't a mac will run it, i showed you one that will.
Of course, it's up to you and you could just test this and see how you.
I don't think anyone would read it that way, and if they did, bumpkiss to them.
But, if it's cheaper to purchase the two at the same time as opposed to buying one and then another later, I'd just buy the two new 1333MHz chips.
It seems that macs are indeed picky.If you replace only one slot, everything works fine, since "your system will operate at the speed of the slowest memory module as @MK said.I was talking about frequencies above the rated values, and was saying that anything that wasn't a Mac would run.Update: Tried it again, but using a different memory, and it did not work at all.(Both memories were 1600 MHz, 4GB - the one that worked partially was a Patriot, the one that did not work at all was a Samsung).You brought Macs into.Just tried this in a mid-2009 macbook pro.

That's the only reason Mac won't do it : Macs are entirely capable of running faster memory -_.