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Where is the pci slot located

where is the pci slot located

The black slot at the bottom, can be used too for adding another gpu, however, this is not really needed, also you will need a massive case, with very harrah's valley river casino & hotel good cooling!
There is little difference if any in performance between the pci and pci-e, however, installation and placing can effect other components.
In the next days I will work on the water loop again, I was using 2 different radiators to get mobo, cpu and vga in water cooling, now with the vga out of the loop I need to put a fan to throw away hot.PCI technology was originally introduced in 1992 and eventually became a standard addition to all desktop motherboards.As well as another slot to add another GPU (blue This can be seen on this pic below (my rig different mobo, but the same layout).For example, an on board audio, on board ethernet or other devices can all present themselves to the operating system* as plugged in to a PCIe slot.Or the LED plug?!?!?!?So I am going to leave them on-air cooling, for the moment, I was just going to buy a new mobo.

I already tried to disable the slots with microswitch, but nothing changed.
You can just about make out the pci slot (green) right below the gpu, this slot can still be used, but may block one of the fans on the gpu, depending on the model of gpu.
Today, these components are attached directly to the motherboard, allowing the use of various internal components beyond the industry standards.
Thanks again for another good suggestion!So if we added another GPU to the rig, it would now look like this, See pic below, G, we do have a PCI-E slot above the gpu's that can be used without effecting the gpu' at all.You can then expand Interrupt request (IRQ).(some gpu's have dual fans, some have a single fan) So in this circumstance we have two spare PCI slots (green and one spare PCI-E slot (red) above the gpu.By far the easiest thing you can do, especially as you are going to open the computer up, is to open it up and just see what is in the sockets.The peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slots on a motherboard are designed to allow direct interaction between secondary hardware and the central processor.Cannot believe both the new VGA are gone, defective, I bought them from different online vendors, but I put back the original DCU and decided to try again.I will explain where each slot.

the two slots circled in red are PCI-E slots, again can be either a soundcard or a network card, again other devices too.
G, we also have slot for a gpu, however, if we added a another gpu it would again block the PCI slot below.