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Thin value bet poker

However, if we have a reputation for vegas free slot play going for thin value, then we could even be betting with AK on the river (assuming we didnt 3-bet it because hes a tight UTG opener and folding a straight would be a huge mistake.
Une carte médiocre contre un joueur intelligent.
La logique parle ensuite delle-même : sil pose davantage dargent sur la table, vous aurez dautant plus de chances den tirer profit.
It folds around to the CO and a fairly decent player raises it.The Turn: When they check this turn it gives a lot away about their hand.Take the example where you are on the big blind in a 100bb 6-max cash game and you call a raise from a very straight-forward player who you know doesnt value bet thinly in the cut-off and you have 8d8s.The river comes 2 and he checks.If there are more hands in your opponents range that we beat when they call our bet, then you should bet.This is basically the running theme of this entire article and concept.Hands that have us beat: QQ or KK,.

Top 5 Spots You Can Make Thin Value Bets in Poker.
Players who dont bet thinly will fear how this board has run out, and may even check on the end with QJ (not the Royal Flush obviously!).
We have the best hand around 70 of the time when called (I worked this out using hand combinations ).
Because you would likely 88 fortunes slot app double barrel most top-pair hands your opponent is going to believe you're bluffing.This 2 doesnt really change anything.I said there is no hard and fast rule, but maybe 2/3 to 3/4 the size of the pot is a decent rule of thumb to start off with.Step 2) Evaluate the the hands we beat and dont beat when call.If there are more hands in your opponents range that beat us when they call our bet, then you should check behind.

The Advantage of Value-Betting Thinly, one of the benefits to being a player who makes thin value bets is that you become much more difficult to play against.