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Scx slot car accessories

On the R8, I have had no failure to date after 25 hrs of operation with several huge crashes.
I find that a cheap spring scale can greatly assist you when trying to set up multiple magnet configurations.
With slot cars and mini-rc becoming more and more popular replacement parts are becoming a profitable venture at a reasonable cost to the customer (about two bucks a set).Tsrf has a good selection of gears also.If it doesnt smooth it up a little with some fine sandpaper.The critical area was setting up the rear pivot.Broken Hubs - Plastic wheel hub axle holders are a particularly weak part on the wheel.One excellent option when considering controllers is to purchase a unit such as the Professor Motor Controller which allows you to tune the controller to your rio grande games dominion base cards car and driving habits.There are some interesting possibilities in using this principle for magnet traction.You do want your car to react precisely with your controller inputs so be careful how much capacitance you use.If the surface is clean then silicones work very well and beat out all the above mentioned rubber tire types.

This will insure that your guide will have the maximum penetration in the slot at all times.
Then I remove one shy clown casino magnet and use half of it strength value and retest.
Braids should be cut to the same length as the guide and "combed" to provide a spread out configuration, slightly bend down at the end.
Gluing the offending part will fix the problem.
If you are planning to race tune the gear ratios you should hold off on the gluing until after final gears are selected and mounted.I usually have pieces of magnet I use to set the amount and then I go with larger single ones that add up to the smaller ones for the final configuration.Tires that clear the body at rest may have serious body rubbing problems at speed.The fronts were sanded slightly to remove the tread and nail polish was applied.Running the car without the body should quickly identify this fact.Leave about 1 mm of plastic at the front motor mount and cut from there forward to the front axle.Basically this is the reverse of the disassembly procedures.Tread configuration: Whether to select a tread pattern or slicks usually goes back to track surface again.

Try to remove any carbon residue or oil build.
Removing the front wheel assemblies) and running the chassis will eliminate or identify this area as the problem.
Use a drill that's big enough to drill almost the width of the tire mount ridge minus a little on each side.