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Pokemon bonus disc

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Q: What does it take to get the Celebi?
For Pokemon Colosseum on the GameCube.
You should have a genuine Ageto Celebi!
Para transferir os pokémons atravez dos emuladores dolphin e vba-m, para fazer o ligação entre os emuladores, use este link(em ingles, recomendo usar o google tradutor caso você não entenda em ingles) p?topic13986.0.Here, you'll see that there are two four-letter game IDs.Edit 1: Confirmed that it can be traded to Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen, too.Jirachi - Obtainable by American bonus.SD media launcher IS 20, now that you have your materials together, follow these instructions carefully.Pokemon Colosseum GameCube Gameplay The Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc includes previews to the movie Jirachi.Japanese Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc - Recieving 5th Celebi!Step 3: After making that replacement, save and run the hacked ISO.Japanese Pokemon Colosseum -.Lugar de coincidencia para 'Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk.

Q: How Many Celebis can I recieve from this disc?
Connect a GBA with the GBA-GCN link cable to controller slot 2, and power the game.
In theory, you could replace these IDs with the IDs of any Pokemon GBA games - however, it's probably not going to work with anything but other regions of Sapphire/Ruby.
The Shrine should be the right option, select.
E depois passar o save de volta para a rom japonesa.Purchase a Gameshark or Action Replay cheating device to perform this method (can be purchased at most video game stores and major department stores.A GBA connection prompt will come.It includes a preview of the movie 'Jirachi The Wish Maker' and of the.Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc ISO.However, this will require additional hacking to work, which can be stacked with the above in order to have a hack that works in both cases.Step 6 (optional Transfer Celebi to as you would any other Pokémon.The Special Game Boy Advance is a limited edition Celebi- Green GBA from The Pokemon Center in Tokyo.A cutscene will play featuring Celebi, and you'll be told in Japanese that Celebi is now in your Colosseum party!I have refused an offer.