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Onze card game score sheet

Game is nine or eighteen "holes" (deals and the player with the lowest total score is designated winner.
The highest score loses the game and the lowest score wins the game.
Players And Rules, with a minimum of three players, you begin the game by shuffling two standard decks of cards (Jokers included) together and deal 11 cards to each player (Onze is French for the number 11).
If not, then the round continues counterclockwise and the next player goes.
It must be played that turn. .A wild indicates that any card may be discarded.Each player is dealt winning slot machine 3d model 6 cards face down from the deck, the remainder is placed face down and the top card is turned up to start the discard pile beside.At anytime during the game, you may draw out of turn the top card on the discard pile. .Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.

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Face cards 10 pts. .
Jokers are worth 30 points, Face cards are worth 10 points, black aces are worth 20 points and any other cards are worth face values.
A player has to have all of the hand requirement to put his cards down on the table. .
Jokers are worth 30 pts. .It is a game for four or more players using a double-deck of 108 cards, and has little in common with its solitaire cousin.The object of the game is to get the hand requirement and discard all your other cards and score low or no points. .Queen of spades scores 40 points, other Queens 10 each, and Eights are zero points.As a side note, 12 cards are dealt during Hand 6 while 13 cards are dealt during Hand.Jacks score zero, Queens 12, Kings.The end of your turn is marked by your discard to the discard pile. .Hand 1: 2 sets, hand 2: 1 set and 1 run.If he has the hand requirement, he may play it down to win the round.Es stehen 1997 score sheets auf Etsy zum Verkauf, und sie kosten im Durchschnitt 12,80.

For the patience variant, see.