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Macbook pro ram slot repair

Edit 2: 4/29/16, just got another one in today, holy shit, that's four in a month, and I never saw it before April 2016.
Any and all help and advice is appreciated, thanks!
This seemed to cure the computer's issues, but a couple of weeks later (now) they have returned.The average person is better off running a single large memory module, since the repairs that are required to fix the board are very difficult.Is this going to be the new "sata cable issue"?It most likely will not be and you'll be better off using the machine with one RAM slot for the rest of it's life or selling it for parts.A while ago it developed an issue whereby it would randomly die and make a beeping noise; after some research I determined that it was a RAM related issue so I would remove the RAM from the bays and then reinstall, that would typically fix.The pads slowly come away from the board or disconnect from internal vias, usually from a drop or from someone soldering near the slots with the RAM still attached.My Early 2011 is like brand new almost, it still has the factory smell a little.I did find this in an answer to an ifix problem with the same description, attributing it to Rossman: Bottom slot is soldered using BGA soldering, top slot is soldered using through hole soldering.

The difficulty of sourcing the part and doing the repair depends on which socket is bad but the top slot is much harder to replace then the bottom free spins no deposit uk bingo slot.
It is common for the bottom slot to die.
Superdrive was only used a few times.
I have only had to take this computer in for a repair once, and at that time it was still covered under AppleCare extended warranty so I'm not sure how the process differs once the warranty has expired.
I'll update if/when I find the videos that /u/stephendt is referring.Hey everyone, I have a late 2011.3" Macbook Pro.4Ghz i5 with 16gb of RAM.I manage a computer help desk for a small college (1200 students).No matter what I do the computer won't stay on for more than 25minutes or so without freezing up and beeping indicating a RAM error.You're going to have a harder time finding the correct part but it's not impossible.

If you have tested both of these components and find notheing wrong, it's a memory socket problem.