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Lost planet 2 slot machine passwords for pc

Capcommaniac: Have a saved game file from any three of the Capcom games mentioned in this list.
Firecracker: Reach Career Level 30 with the Femme Fatale.
Honeymoon Period (20 points Celebrate your six-month anniversary with Lost Planet.
Hand Cannon SP: Reach Career Level 50 with the Rounders.The Slot Machine is feature.99 with the Femmes Fatales.Plasma Gun II slashing beam Hold Charge until the Plasma Gun II is fully loaded, and a beam will appear from the weapon.

Yellow Shirt, blue Shirt, green shirt / WCP baseball cap, purple shirt / "D" logo and Japanese characters.
Set the date to six months or one year ahead.
Dom Santiago ( Gears Of War 3 Successfully complete Campaign mode.
Pink playboy shirt, purple and Tan, street Jack, xbox 360 shirt (male and female).Start free online casino no deposit coupon codes the game, but remain disconnected from Xbox Live.Super Soldier (15 points Complete the game on Hard.Shotgun SP - Reach level 50 with Femme fatale Shuriken - Reach level 30 with rounders Plasma gun sp - Reach level 30 w/ nevec Hand cannon sp - Reach level 50 w/ rounders Flamethrower sp - Reach level 50 w/ snow pirate elites Plasma.Good Job, Soldier (40 points Earn all the Good Job awards.300-Chapter Playback (30 points Play through 300 chapters.1 Lifesaver Starting Prevents the Life Gauge from diminishing when T-ENG level reaches 0 1 Critical I Common Increases critical hit eire og lotto chance by 10, increases the damage you take by 5 1 Critical II Common Increases critical hit chance by 20, increases damage taken.Bsaa - Have a saved game file from Resident Evil.You must complete this area to get the achievements for completing the game.Overheat guage recovers 20 faster.

Quintuple Factionalism (50 points Achieve a Career Level.
Complete Episode 5 (10 points Complete all the chapters in Episode.
Go to the character selection screen, and press X to toggle the option on or off.